What does CR Kompass offer?

CR Kompass provides SMEs with a platform for implementing and reporting on corporate responsibility. It supports recognized standards established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN Global Compact and The Sustainability Code (TSC).  CR Kompass can be used free of charge and offers everything you need to create a full CR report. For further requirements and functionality we offer an extended premium version:

  Basic Premium
Amount of custom indicators 15 100
Amount of users 2 5
Amount of organizational units 1 20
Learning modules 1+2 1-5
Supporting G4 core, UNGC, DNK
Full creation of a CR report
Direct upload to DNK
Export to Microsoft Excel
Option, to drop out the CR-Kompass logo in the report
Free phone support

 Management and reporting platform 

The password-protected platform provides practical support to SMEs implementing corporate responsibility. This section is about sustainability reporting. It provides tools for the following topics:

The simple menu, a special training area with a tutorial and an interactive help system help you to use the platform. To accompany the CR Kompass step by step to the Sustainability Report.