Managing corporate responsibility: A guide for SMEs

CR Kompass helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to initiate corporate responsibility (CR) management and to produce sustainability reports. CR Kompass can also be used to prepare progress reports that conform to UN Global Compact requirements. 


It’s a web-based application that assists SMEs in the process of implementing corporate responsibility and guides them through the creation of sustainability reports. CR Kompass was supported through the EU’s European Social Fund and is available to basic users free of charge. Businesses interested in using the software can register here to access the secure platform.

You can create an enduring competitive advantage by:

  • Cutting energy costs
  • Enhancing your image as an employer
  • Differentiating yourself from rivals
  • Tapping into new markets with sustainability-conscious customers

Corporate responsibility shouldn’t be seen as an additional expense but as an investment in your company’s future. Explore the potential benefits for your business and help to promote a more sustainable society.